Thursday 23 January 2020
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3 Steps to Selecting a Corporate Video Production Company

3 Steps to Selecting a Corporate Video Production Company

If you are looking for a corporate video production company in the UAE, you may find it hard to source the right kind of business. There are several great companies in the country who specialise in video production, but some are a lot better than others. If you’ve no idea what to look for, consider the points in this article to help you select a reputable video production team.

  1. Don’t Follow the Crowd

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a manager or owner of business is to follow the crowd and try to do what everyone else seems to be doing. It is important to consider your own individual goals and work with a production team who understands your brand, service and product.

You must think about your reasons for hiring a production team, here are some questions to ask yourself before pursuing a project.

  • Do you want to educate your audience?
  • Will you be making a movie or just a short informative clip?
  • Do you need a video to train your workforce?
  • Will it involved 3D animation or virtual reality?

If you are looking to hire one of the UAE’s leading virtual reality companies or you need an expert in 3D animation, you must first set your own ground rules. Don’t follow the crowd for no particular reason, when creating a video production, it is much better to be unique than an imitation of others.

  1. Don’t Be Easily Fooled

You’ve decided that you want to run with a corporate production team and you’ve found a company who fits the bill and ticks all the boxes.

But don’t be fooled by stylish online productions or video reels that they have on their webpage, these are designed to attract clients and nearly every video production company will have their best work on display.

Having a series of amazing clips from past projects is fine, it gives you a chance to assess their skills and see what types of productions they have worked on. But if you need a corporate video to effectively market your brand, having incredible scenes packed with all the latest virtual reality stunts won’t sell your products unless it is focused on your brand.

The production must be strategically planned to promote and sell your product or service.

  1. Assess their Most Recent Work

The vast majority of video production teams are far more active on social media than on their websites, so some of the stuff you see on their sites may not be up to date. Make a point of checking the company’s social media sites to see what they have uploaded recently, you’ll get a good idea of what they’re currently producing.

If you are unsure about what direction to take, it may be better to speak to business colleagues to see if they’ve worked with a reputable video production team in the past. They might be able to recommend a high-quality organisation to front your project and create a first-class production.