Friday 22 November 2019
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Is your site downranking? And if that’s true, What are you doing WRONG?

Is your site downranking? And if that’s true, What are you doing WRONG?

With all the latest changes and updates that have been hitting the internet this year, webmasters in Australia have opted to put in some overtime as they try to keep up with these trends and changes. For instance, this year Google has released several updates to some of their Search engine algorithms like the Google Penguin 4.0. Due to this new updates, it is expected to get tougher to highly rank a web page especially for sloppy webmasters that have a tendency of going against search engine regulations and quality requirements.


But! To be on the safer side, you have to set yourself up for the inevitable. This means that you’ll have to up your game by beefing up the SEO Methodologies you use.

Is your site downranking? And if that’s true, What are you doing WRONG? Below are some very common causes of downranking that you should steer clear of;

  1. Poor Link building

Back in 2015, Google experts warned against the use of link building as an SEO methodology because it seemed unnatural. However, a recent Google update cleared up that purchasing or selling or even requesting for links is acceptable as long as Google Webmaster Guidelines aren’t violated. Accordingly, it would be in your site’s best interest to review all your link building approaches to ensure that they are in agreement with those guidelines. Failure to look into this small matter may result to you getting punished by Google.

  1. The wrong use of Anchor texts

Since the release of the Google Penguin Algorithm back in 2012, it became more dangerous to utilize the correct match anchor texts as an effective SEO methodology. Nowadays, abusing anchor text, whether inadvertent or something else can get your website punished for over-streamlining. That is precisely why you should have at least five to ten links for a wide assortment of your site’s anchor texts and primary keywords.

  1. Targeting single or specific pages

A robust link profile boosts your site’s SEO and overall Search ranking. It’s an efficient approach than focusing on single or particular pages to rank on Google. Yes! It is true that decent connection profile is an essential SEO positioning factor, according to many Online Marketing Agency experts. Therefore, you should begin fabricating your connection profile by performing a thorough link evaluation.

  1. Mobile-friendliness

The year 2016 marked a new era of mobile device browsing as Google made it a point of making the mobile-friendliness of websites a key ranking factor. This means that a well-designed and mobile-friendly website will perform superior to one that isn’t advanced for versatile device users. Some factors like small texts and jumbled connections, may bring about your site being deemed non-mobile-friendly.

That’s why you have to advance and design your pages in a way that caters for both web and mobile users in Australia and the rest of the world. In fact, due to the significant increase in mobile users, having a mobile friendly website will significantly improve your traffic flow and overall performance.

  1. Little site user engagement

Lastly! Did you know that a site’s user engagement can greatly affect your search engine rank? Well, it can be challenging to engage your website visitors, but for better ranking, you have to give it everything you’ve got. Poor user engagement can pose a notable danger to your SEO methodology’s success. That’s why you need to put more effort in ensuring that your Australian leads remain actively engaged on your website. If you heed to these few guidelines, you’ll be able to brace the harsh waves of SEO updates that the internet keeps experiencing.